Plastic Key Tags

All of our key tags are made out of a 30mil laminated plastic key tag with a barcode printed on the back for easy identification. With our barcode printing we are allowed to encode specific numbers to whatever software system your company is using.

Plastic key tags are a great marketing tool to invest in because they're small, durable and travel with your customers everywhere they go.  Every time he or she grabs their keys they are reminded of you!

Plastic key tags can benefit you by:
  • Increasing Your Product Awareness
  • Expanding Your Company Name And Logo
  • Gaining Customer Loyalty
  • Track Customers' Sales And Purchases
  • Increase Overall Sales

Browse around our key tag gallery for some inspiration on your upcoming key tag project!

Browse around our key tag gallery and get some great ideas for your next upcoming key tag project.

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Where Are Your Plastic Key Tags Being Printed?

We have been printing plastic key tags and plastic cards for over 15 years and throughout the time we have continued to push our standards to the next level. We continue to try new design concepts, materials and methods of printing to help us stay at the top of our competition. For any questions you may have please give us a call at 1.800.808.7472Our goal is to exceed your expectations while meeting your budget for plastic key tags and cards. We make sure that every card order that goes through us is being printed correctly from start to finish. For any further questions you may have please give us a call at 1.800.808.7472.